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Texting while driving; an illeagal thing that we all do everyday. Texting while driving is very dangerous and can harm more than one person if you choose to do so. My senior project is texting while driving(PSA). I want to let everyonw know the consequences of choosing something so dangerous and not worth your time. I dont understand while we all know the consequences of texting while driving we all still do it on a day to day basis. I think that the deadly activity should be illegal and anyone caught doing it should be have a maximum punishment of at least the same as killing someone.
Texting while driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. The punishment for drinking and driving is a DUI and loss of liscense. If texting while driving is caught it shold have the same idea punishment. Loss of liscense and Something like a DUI, DWT, driving while texting. Its so important to know the power you have while operating a motorvehicle. You have the power to kill and injure someone anytime you like to, texting added to that mix is just deadly. Driving is so deadly as it is, adding drinking, drugs and/or texting is something that i just dont understand cops dont crack down on more often. If you take your eyes off the road for more than two seconds you could build up a body count that could fill up and entire cemetary. Im going to try to make the biggest impression on the teenagers that driving in the schools and universities now days. Many kids and adults text and drive. I think adults drive more while texting because they think they are more responsible and can handle texting while driving. I alos think that women are more attracted to texting while driving because they have been seen putting on make-up, drinking coffee, and texting their girlfriends all at the same time while rushing to the office in morning traffic. Another thing i believe you should do is just pull over because if the text is that important you need to stop and see what it is because you just might have to turn around and go to the problem. Instead of airplane mode on the phones they should put driving mode where you cant recieve any texts but you can only recieve calls from your emergency contacts. The more you get in your get in your car and take off everyday your chances are getting bigger and bigger to get involved in an accident, so why would you want to improve those chances by texting and taking your eyes off the road? You have a better chance of drinking and driving and making it home than texting and driving. There are studies and senerios where people were put in motor vehicle simulators and giving a phone, and giving a set of beer googles. When the person was wearing the beer googles, they had traveled about three football fields before crashing, but the person texting, only made it about one half of a football field before running into another car in the oncoming lane.


Whoso list to hunt, a poem by Sir Thomas Wyatt is a poem about a women who he loves deeply and whoever tries to hunt her down for themselves will be hurt. The women is King Henery’s second out of six gueens., the king loves his women and whoever tries to hunt them he will have an army after them. The hind in thuis peom is the women of his dreams and ceaser is the man who wants her really badly. The speaker gives a warning on who ever hunts the hind or the women will spend time in great vain. the women’s name is Anne Boleyn and if i was her i would look at this poem and think that there are many men out there that want me and to watch out for those who choose to hunt.  

CBS Houston

ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) — Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray will not be available this Sunday when the team travels to Philadelphia, according to team owner Jerry Jones. The status of Pro Bowl DE DeMarcus Ware is uncertain.

Murray sprained his knee in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against Washington and did not return.

“He’s probably going to be out,” said Jones on 105.3 The Fan’sNew School with Shan & RJ. “We’ll miss him certainly this coming week and then we’ll see from there.”

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Life of Bry

Highschool was tough, I can’t lie. So much happens over four years that looking back now, I can barely remember any of them and I was a senior just last year. I can’t blame anyone but myself for how much I struggled though, and I do regret not putting as much effort into the right parts of schooling. I didn’t study a lot, I chose not to stay up all night for a little extra practice, I didn’t like most of the stuff I was learning so why would I want to spend my free time on it? I can honestly say playing sports was one of the only reasons I was putting in the little bit of effort I did. I knew I had to have certain grades to play and once they reached that point…I was focused on anything but school.

The thing I wish I would have…

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